Iceland Day 9: Eastern Snæfellsnes

Eastern Snæfellsnes Highlight: Conquering Klakkshaus Today turned out to a much longer day than originally anticipated, but another one of my favorite days so far. I started my day steeped in Icelandic lore and tradition, starting, of course, with my morning… Read More

Iceland Day 8: Western Snæfellsnes

Western Snæfellsnes Highlight: Traipsing through a giants lair at Rauðfeldsgjá Elven temples, a troll’s bath, Viking graves, and a very angry giant. I haven’t been reading all day, I’ve been exploring the Snæfellsnes Penninsula! The name might sound familiar… Read More

Iceland Day 7: Driving Westward

Husavik to Snæfellsnes Highlight: Dragon hunting at Hvítserkur Today, in theory, was supposed the be the only long driving day, but as you know by now, the snow threw a bit of a ratchet in my plans. But I got… Read More

Snæfellsnes Hike: Mt. Klakkur

What started out as a quick jaunt up Mt. Klakkur, quickly turned into an epic, exhausting adventure that I’ll never forget. The main/most famous attraction in the Snæfellsnes Penninsula is Kirkjufell, that iconic cone-shaped mountain usually in the… Read More