Monte Resegone: Trail 10 in Lombardia, Italy

Monte Resegone refers to the ridge of mountains located east of Lecco and Lago di Como. It’s name comes from the word for “saw” in the local Lombardian dialect (resegĂ ). The highest of this saw-toothed range is Punta… Read More

West Butte and Slot Canyon

This was a varied and for the most part interesting hike in the largely underrated and undiscovered (for now) Anza-Borrego State Park in California. Located a couple hours north east of San Diego it’s a pretty awesome desert… Read More

Yosemite Falls

This hike kicked my ass! I felt so ashamed as I saw how many young and elderly were  seemingly prancing around on the trail, “I shouldn’t be struggling this much” I thought as I saw them all. They… Read More