Citrus Cornbread

Sweet Citrus Cornbread

Try as I might to deny that summer isn’t over, the dark storm clouds and brisk winds this morning were trying to convince me. As I reluctantly swapped my shorts for jeans, it started to rain, and I… Read More

Lavender Lemon Tart

Lavender Lemon Tart w/ Blackberries

Lavender Lemon Tart with Blackberries The affair started one sunburnt afternoon on Maui, where the only aloe on hand came from the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm. Once I had lathered it all over my formerly pasty skin, now… Read More

Ricard and Cardamom Biscotti

Ricard and Cardamom Biscotti

After returning from Europe I brought back several goodies for my family and myself: tea, chocolate, candies, salts, etc. From France I brought back a bottle of Ricard, one of the most refreshing drinks out there. Though anise/fennel… Read More

Lavender Honey Biscotti

One of my favorite parts about going home to the population 1,400 town I grew up in (besides the peace and quiet), is taking advantage of all the gardening my dad does. After coming back from several weeks… Read More