A Weekend In: Helsinki

Hanging Out In February -1C never felt so good! The sun was shining, the clouds were fading, I had a full belly and was ready to explore! As I headed out of my hotel I had no clue… Read More

A Weekend In: Budapest, You Da Best!

I was wholly unprepared for what was awaiting me on a last-minute trip to Budapest. When a return flight ticket costs 26€, you buy first and ask questions later. A very unplanned, but exhilarating two days in Budapest… Read More

A Weekend In: Dresden, City of Past and Present

Grey and gloomy as it was, Dresden still delivered quite a memorable punch. Located a two hour train ride south of Berlin on the way to Prague, Dresden makes a perfect weekend trip, or even a long day… Read More

A Weekend In: Perfect Poznan

She was tired, the train I rode for my weekend in Poznan, I could tell. She creaked, moaned, and groaned more than I do when I have to work before the sun rises. But I’ve done enough morning… Read More